It's CRUNCH time!

Hello Mom,
     I am doing just grand.  It is super hot, but I am really just used to it, after one summer here, it is like...whatever, I guess I am going to be sweaty one more summer, if you know what I mean.  Haha.  I cannot wait to get the package this week.  All I can really think of that I need, is no candy and especially no chocolate in the package.  It will melt, and I don't want it to get on any of the stuff that you send ha.  Something that you could send, is like I said the other day, the brown pants, and a belt (brown/reversible) and the medicine, if you want, you can send candy, just make sure it is not chocolate like I said.  I don't really need anything else, it is amazing to me how short amount of time I have left to serve the Lord. This Saturday I will only have 11 months left!  IT'S CRUNCH TIME! 
     We are going over to the Frost's next monday for dinner and to have family home evening with them.  It should be awesome.  She said that she emailed you and you sent her an email back.  I don't know if you have said anything to Sister LaVere or not since I left there, but you should tell her that I say hi. 
     I wish that I could feel sorry for you all with that heat issue of ninety degrees...boo hoo!  Haha try 98 degrees with humidity.  It'll tear you up haha.  I am glad you used that box though for some food.  That'll be awesome.  How are you going to take care of those while you are staying at Aunt Debs? 
     Well, like always and forever mom, I love you so much.  Time just keeps flying by.  Tell everyone I say hi.
          Elder Dietz

Bike Riding It Is!

     Last week was pretty good.  We rode bikes for most of it.  So that was hard.  This week, because it is a new month, we are going to be able to go to some different places, Diamondhead, and Kiln.  We are planning on working those to areas pretty hard, visiting a lot of less active members, and active ones, maybe a little bit of tracting.  In this weather though, there is no great time to tract though.  It could be ten in the morning or seven in the evening, you will sweat.  The area is pretty good, and the companion is good.  Just like usual trying to do the work.
     I am glad you got my letter.  Sorry if it was not a very good one.  I didn't have a lot of time on P-Day...it is weird being so close to other missionaries, but I like it.  Provides for more socialization, amongst other things.  I don't know if you are still planning on sending that package, but I am looking forward to it.  :)  I did get Bishop's letter. It had a bunch of Dominos pizza gift cards in it.  I think they all had five dollars each on them!  Way awesome!  Don't worry I wrote them back. 
     Sounds like you had a good Memorial Day.  I do love me some holidays at home in Utah.  Holidays aren't the same out here.  They just become another day ya know?  Of course there are a couple upsides, like not having to mow the lawn.  Haha, although I do miss doing labor like that. 
     I love you so much mom.  I cannot wait to hear from you again.  I know this church is true.  I know that as long as we are faithful to what the Lord would have us do, he will bless us, whether it be in this life, or the next.  I know that we are presented with trials so that we can learn and grow.  And as we learn and grow, we become faithful servants of our Savior and have a desire to do good.  I love you mom so much. And say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
          Elder Tay Dietz

Letter to All

Hey There Family!!!!
     So this week, rather than writing a bunch of individual small emails, I thought that I might try writing one big long one to you all.  We will see how it goes, and how long it actually is. 
     Things have been pretty dang good here in Pass Christian, Mississippi, "The Pass".  This week, we have been on our bikes a ton.  Riding across the two mile long bridge, and then several more miles just to get to people that are talking to us right now.  At zone conference this week, they have asked us to make sacrifices, and ride our bikes more.  First, due to the fact that gas prices are so high, and second because it is proven that missionaries that ride bikes more, have more success.  And I know that is true, because I have seen the difference when I ride my bike and when I drive a car.  More and less success.  When we ride our bikes over that bridge, it is pretty dang crazy.  On the way over, it is really hard, because the wind blows across the St. Louis Bay pretty hard, but on the way back over, it is hard because we are so dang tired from riding our bikes all day.  But at least the wind is to our backs.  Going down that bridge is awesome.  The other good news, is the coast is basically flat.  So the biggest hill that we have to deal with is the bridge.  Other then that, there is not any other hills in Pass Christian.  We do work two other cities in our area though, and they have hills, Diamondhead, and Kiln.  We haven't been able to get out there too often yet, but that is where a lot of members live, so next month, we are certainly going to try and get out there at least once or twice a week. 
     It sounds like a lot of fun stuff is going on at home.  Mom and Lacey going to stay at Aunt Deb's for a while.  That sounds awesome.  I remember when I used to do that.  Haha, those were the days haha.  I can't believe Clint is coming home soon either!  You guys are lucky that you get to see him. 
     That is awesome that Lacey is graduating from all of those songs in Suzuki to.  Tucka tucka stop stop.  I remember when I used to make up words to all those songs when I was a young one.  And then you are going to get into high school next year.  Oh boy, how old you are?  Haha. 
     So it has been raining a lot lately huh?  That is nice.  It has only rained once since I got here to The Pass, and it only rained for like five minutes, and then it stopped.  Apparently it hasn't rained here on the coast for quite some time now.  But that doesn't mean that it is not wet.  It is so humid, it makes me feel like I am getting out of a sweaty shower when we get back to our apartment.  Oh well.  Nothing we can do about it, but remember that Christ suffered with us in all things. 
     I want you all to know that I love you all very much, and I am doing my best to write all of you back as soon as I can.  The best thing to do though, is to not write me another letter, until you get one back from me.  That way, I am not writing a gillion letters every week, and all the letters aren't the same.  
     One other thing.  There is a man in Alabama that is an anti mormon, and he is going around the southern states  giving anti material, and other things of that nature to recent converts to the church, less active members, and investigators.  So mom, I know that you are doing a blog, we are suppose to ask our parents, if they are posting the names of investigators or recent converts on line, to either remove their names fully, or just put their first names, so that this man with his group of wicked minions can get to our beloved brothers and sisters and hit them with anti material.  If you can do that, that would make you a champ :) oh also mom, if you are going to send me pants, you should send me some really really dark brown ones...I am bored of black...haha.
     Well, I love you all so much.  I know that the Lord blesses us as we desire to follow him and align our will with his.  I know that this church is true.
When our Lord Jesus one day comes,
Will we be there to see,
When one day our Savior comes,
Will we be bound or free?
When our gracious Father sends his Son,
Will he see us and smile,
When our Loving Father sends his Son,
We will pray with him awhile?
If we pray and if we seek,
If we strive to be strong not weak,
If we desire with all our will,
Jesus Christ our souls shall fill.
And when we do, and if we want,
The Savior turns away the devils taunt,
We can be seen in his eyes,
As Children of Him, not the devil of lies.
When our Eternal Father sends His son,
I pray he will set us all free,
When Jesus Christ comes again,
Everlasting our lives will be.
     I love you all.
                 Elder Dietz

Losing the Mail Key Can Be Devestating

Oh yeah, the key and main thing that I wanted to relate to all of you was, that if you had sent me a letter this week, I haven't gotten it yet, because we lost our mail box key...yeah I know lame, but what can you do.  We will be getting one this week for sure.  I love you all so much. 
Elder Dietz

Quick Note!


The Pass

Sorry this might be a little bit short.  Things are going pretty good here in the Pass.  Time is going by like usual.  It seems like sometimes there is not enough time to do the Lord's work.  We have met a lot of new people, and will continue to do so.  I feel like how it usually happens, is that we find a ton of new people, weed out the sincere ones, then find more, weed out, ect.  That's how we are working it right now.  We also are asking members for people they think we should see as well. 
Gee wizz, you keep on getting new callings haha.  You will be great in that calling.  The girls will love you.  Everyone loves you.  Did you hear that some one in the ward here in Pass Christian, her sister, was in the Stake Relief Society Presidency with you?  Haha.  It is crazy the people that you will meet.  Her name is Sister Frost, I can't remember her sister's name though. 
Tell Lacey to quit being lame and getting sick haha.  Something that I like to take so as not to get sick is vitamin c tablets, they are delicious, and they keep you healthy.  Haha. 
So, if you or anyone have sent a letter this past week, I did not get it yet.  We lost our mail box key, so we cannot check it.  But...we will be able to check it soon, we just have to get another key.  So I probably won't be writing any letters today, since I haven't been able to see who wrote me yet haha.  But I will probably write next week. 
Well...betta go.  I love you mom so much.  I know that you have a strong testimony and I am truly grateful for that.  Sister Frost, said that her sister started to choke up when she talked about you and said, "that lady has the strongest testimony" or something like that, which caused me to choke up.  Thanks so much for being amazing mom.  I love you.
Elder Taylor Dietz

Mother's Day Phone Call

So it was awesome talking to all of you the other night.  It seems like all is going well, and Link is growing fast.  I cannot wait to talk to you all again.  I think that the best thing you guys can do for me all in all, is pray for this area that we might have success.  It is hard when you get to a new area, that has only been opened for a little while, and I have found that prayer is a very powerful tool.  It brings to pass miracles.  I love you all so much and thanks for letting me talk to you all last night.
Elder Dietz


How are you doing?  I am doing just dandy!  I just wanted to let you all know that I am getting transferred to Pass Christian Mississippi on the coast!  Ah! I am stoked yet sad to leave Greenwood.  I love the people there, but I know that I must move on to a different place now, the Lord has other plans in store.  Things are going pretty good for me though.  I said my good byes to everyone, and now I am just waiting to get on the transfer van.  I just wanted to give you all a shout!  I love you all!
          Elder Dietz

Happy Easter

Hey Mom,
     I have not gotten your Easter present yet.  Did you send it flat rate?  We went to the Leach's for lunch on Easter.  It was pretty good. We had tacos. 
     I cannot believe Aunt Marilynn and Uncle Dallas are going on their mission.  Hear this, I will be home for six months before they get home bahaha!  I love my mission though, and they are going to love theirs.  For sure get me their address, or have them write me. 
     I can't wait to talk to you on Mother's Day either.  Whether I will talk to you or skype to you, I know not, because transfers are next week, and it is likely that I will get transferred, although it is possible I could stay.  It is more likely that I will get transferred.  Elder Petersen is alright, he is not a greenie, but he is a very young missionary.  I told President Tucker that I would be willing to train and follow up training for the rest of my mission, so that I could ensure all the new missionaries have a good experience ha.  But I also told him that I have faith that whatever he has me do, is what the Lord would have me to do.  I have faith in my leaders :D  I have not been able to see Elder McMullin since he left.  He is quite far away from me.  In Purvis, which  is 30 miles away from the coast.  And I am as far north and east as you can go in the mission. 
     I would have to agree with you, this year has gone by fast.  Before you know it, I will be home, like Clint!  Who is almost home. 
     I love you mom.  You are the best mother in the world.  All the money in the world could not buy a mother like you.  I will let you know next Tuesday if I am still in Greenwood or not. 
          Elder Dietz

Sleep Walking in the Field

I am good.  First things first, President Vasquez is sister LaVere's son. 
I am glad that you finished the taxes.  That is such a pain and makes me want to nap.  But not as much as my mission makes me want to nap.  The mission makes you super tired haha.  But I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world.  When I get back, can we go to Cali and go to Disney Land one day again haha.  I couldn't believe that all three of you sent me a post card each haha I was like "Oh man!  Come On!" haha it was funny. 
Greenwood is treating me well.  Did I tell you that my companion sleep walks and talks?  Thank goodness the Lord prepared me for that with Lacey haha.  I love you mom.  The church is true and thanks for everything. 
Maybe some things that you could send me:
     Maybe a couple pair of black dress pants.  It seems like brown and grey, you can see the sweat that you sweat, and trust me, you do sweat here haha.  My size is 36 waist 32 length.  If you get the stafford pants that you sent me the first time.  These ones work like a charm.  36x32 is the best size though.  They fit great.  That's really about it.  If you send more ties, go to the D.I. and get old ones, because the old ugly ones are the best :)  But as far as anything else goes, I am good.  Besides those shirt stays :)
     I love you mom so much!  Hear from you soon!
Elder Dietz