Happy Easter

Hey Mom,
     I have not gotten your Easter present yet.  Did you send it flat rate?  We went to the Leach's for lunch on Easter.  It was pretty good. We had tacos. 
     I cannot believe Aunt Marilynn and Uncle Dallas are going on their mission.  Hear this, I will be home for six months before they get home bahaha!  I love my mission though, and they are going to love theirs.  For sure get me their address, or have them write me. 
     I can't wait to talk to you on Mother's Day either.  Whether I will talk to you or skype to you, I know not, because transfers are next week, and it is likely that I will get transferred, although it is possible I could stay.  It is more likely that I will get transferred.  Elder Petersen is alright, he is not a greenie, but he is a very young missionary.  I told President Tucker that I would be willing to train and follow up training for the rest of my mission, so that I could ensure all the new missionaries have a good experience ha.  But I also told him that I have faith that whatever he has me do, is what the Lord would have me to do.  I have faith in my leaders :D  I have not been able to see Elder McMullin since he left.  He is quite far away from me.  In Purvis, which  is 30 miles away from the coast.  And I am as far north and east as you can go in the mission. 
     I would have to agree with you, this year has gone by fast.  Before you know it, I will be home, like Clint!  Who is almost home. 
     I love you mom.  You are the best mother in the world.  All the money in the world could not buy a mother like you.  I will let you know next Tuesday if I am still in Greenwood or not. 
          Elder Dietz

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