The Pass

Sorry this might be a little bit short.  Things are going pretty good here in the Pass.  Time is going by like usual.  It seems like sometimes there is not enough time to do the Lord's work.  We have met a lot of new people, and will continue to do so.  I feel like how it usually happens, is that we find a ton of new people, weed out the sincere ones, then find more, weed out, ect.  That's how we are working it right now.  We also are asking members for people they think we should see as well. 
Gee wizz, you keep on getting new callings haha.  You will be great in that calling.  The girls will love you.  Everyone loves you.  Did you hear that some one in the ward here in Pass Christian, her sister, was in the Stake Relief Society Presidency with you?  Haha.  It is crazy the people that you will meet.  Her name is Sister Frost, I can't remember her sister's name though. 
Tell Lacey to quit being lame and getting sick haha.  Something that I like to take so as not to get sick is vitamin c tablets, they are delicious, and they keep you healthy.  Haha. 
So, if you or anyone have sent a letter this past week, I did not get it yet.  We lost our mail box key, so we cannot check it.  But...we will be able to check it soon, we just have to get another key.  So I probably won't be writing any letters today, since I haven't been able to see who wrote me yet haha.  But I will probably write next week. 
Well...betta go.  I love you mom so much.  I know that you have a strong testimony and I am truly grateful for that.  Sister Frost, said that her sister started to choke up when she talked about you and said, "that lady has the strongest testimony" or something like that, which caused me to choke up.  Thanks so much for being amazing mom.  I love you.
Elder Taylor Dietz

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