It's CRUNCH time!

Hello Mom,
     I am doing just grand.  It is super hot, but I am really just used to it, after one summer here, it is like...whatever, I guess I am going to be sweaty one more summer, if you know what I mean.  Haha.  I cannot wait to get the package this week.  All I can really think of that I need, is no candy and especially no chocolate in the package.  It will melt, and I don't want it to get on any of the stuff that you send ha.  Something that you could send, is like I said the other day, the brown pants, and a belt (brown/reversible) and the medicine, if you want, you can send candy, just make sure it is not chocolate like I said.  I don't really need anything else, it is amazing to me how short amount of time I have left to serve the Lord. This Saturday I will only have 11 months left!  IT'S CRUNCH TIME! 
     We are going over to the Frost's next monday for dinner and to have family home evening with them.  It should be awesome.  She said that she emailed you and you sent her an email back.  I don't know if you have said anything to Sister LaVere or not since I left there, but you should tell her that I say hi. 
     I wish that I could feel sorry for you all with that heat issue of ninety degrees...boo hoo!  Haha try 98 degrees with humidity.  It'll tear you up haha.  I am glad you used that box though for some food.  That'll be awesome.  How are you going to take care of those while you are staying at Aunt Debs? 
     Well, like always and forever mom, I love you so much.  Time just keeps flying by.  Tell everyone I say hi.
          Elder Dietz

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