Sleep Walking in the Field

I am good.  First things first, President Vasquez is sister LaVere's son. 
I am glad that you finished the taxes.  That is such a pain and makes me want to nap.  But not as much as my mission makes me want to nap.  The mission makes you super tired haha.  But I love it and wouldn't trade it for the world.  When I get back, can we go to Cali and go to Disney Land one day again haha.  I couldn't believe that all three of you sent me a post card each haha I was like "Oh man!  Come On!" haha it was funny. 
Greenwood is treating me well.  Did I tell you that my companion sleep walks and talks?  Thank goodness the Lord prepared me for that with Lacey haha.  I love you mom.  The church is true and thanks for everything. 
Maybe some things that you could send me:
     Maybe a couple pair of black dress pants.  It seems like brown and grey, you can see the sweat that you sweat, and trust me, you do sweat here haha.  My size is 36 waist 32 length.  If you get the stafford pants that you sent me the first time.  These ones work like a charm.  36x32 is the best size though.  They fit great.  That's really about it.  If you send more ties, go to the D.I. and get old ones, because the old ugly ones are the best :)  But as far as anything else goes, I am good.  Besides those shirt stays :)
     I love you mom so much!  Hear from you soon!
Elder Dietz

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