The Easter Season

Good Morning everyone in Utah!  How are things with you all?  Things are going good here in the small non existent town of Greenwood, Mississippi.  We are really trying to focus on getting more people to teach right now.  Before Elder McMullin left, we ended up having to drop a bunch of people because they were not really progressing.  So we are now in a huge finding stage, in the Easter Season, which is awesome, because it is a great time to share the Gospel with others.  Bearing witness of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and just how important he is to us.  I definitely know that I am grateful for it.  I know that if it were not for the Atonement I would be a miserable person.  Probably, to me the hardest thing about the Atonement is that sometimes we think we have done too much wrong to be forgiven of our sins, or that we have done too much wrong and we are not worthy of anything.  I would testify to all of you, my dear family, that the Atonement is for all man, and none are forbidden.  I often think of the talk given by Elder Jefferey R. Holland "None Were With Him".  It is probably one of my most favorite talks in which Elder Holland tells us how lonely the road was that the Savior of all mankind had to take in order for us to made clean of our sins.  And how, because he was so lonely, none of us ever have to be that lonely again.  Ever.  He suffered with us so that we can be healed.  So let us not make him suffer alone again.  We are all allowed to partake of this glorious Atonement.  And I will tell you that I know this is true.  I love you all so very much.  Never forget that.  You all should check out this talk by Elder Holland I love it, I listen to it on my iPod to.  It is awesome.  You may even recall hearing it a couple of years ago.  http://lds.org/general-conference/2009/04/none-were-with-him?lang=eng&query=none+with+ him#

I love you all so much, and again want to tell you that Christ suffered for us all, so that through him, we might have life. 
Elder Dietz

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