Despite the Ice Storms Stronger Than Ever In Mississippi!

Dear Family!
     Sorry that I did not email on Monday.  The library was closed, and we did not have the opportunity to come and email.  Things are going pretty good right now though.  We are really working hard to get our investigators ready for baptism on the 29th.  We really really really want this to happen and are super excited for it.  Keep them in your prayers please (Yantra Washington and Deandra Washington).  They are as excited as we are and love it when we come over and share more with them.  It's just a matter of making sure there is no work on Sunday. 
     Elder McMullin and I are getting a long like scholars.  We have been having a great time together.  We think a lot on the same mind set, and teach well together, with the Spirit.  That is the best part.  We teach well.  Sometimes if you have a kink in the companionship lessons and things like that don't go well, but we have never had that problem :)  Woot! 
     Anyways, I want to tell you guys something that has seemed to be on of the main focuses of all our lessons this past week.  I have noticed and realized it in my own life as well.  Obedience.  I have come to know that our Heavenly Father only wants our happiness in this life.  He only wants to bless us.  He wants to see us joyful all the time.  But, he cannot bless us if we are not doing what he would have us do.  We must obey his commandments.  I know for a fact when I have not been doing all the right things, my life felt like a bunch of crap.  And that is all, but when I realized how merciful God is and how willing he is to forgive us, I am happy.  If only we will repent.  That is his requirement.  He cannot bless us if we don't want to repent and do better.  I have come to know that in a very real sense.  It is very literal.  It is key that we obey him and he will bless us.  I know this is true.  I want you to know that Heavenly Father sent his Son to die for us, that if we will just believe on His name and align our will with the Fathers will, we will have joy in this life, and joy in the life to come.  He didn't promise us that it would be easy.  But he did promise us that he would provide the way.  And he sent his Son to show us the way.  I know that when it comes down to the worst of times, and we are flat on our backs looking up at the sky,  I know the Redeemer is who we rely.  I testify that these things are true.  In the name of Jesus Christ amen.
     I love you so much my family!
     Elder Taylor Dietz

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