Missionary Work is STRONG in Atlanta

Dear Everyone!
     Things are going great here in Atlanta, my new companions name is Elder Davis and he is a really cool guy.  He has a lot of faith, and is really obedient, and since he got here already good things are happening more and more often.  We are teaching and finding a lot of people actually.  Which is really nice.  We had someone at church on Sunday, it was kind of random, but a little kid came up to us Saturday night and said, "hey are you church people?"  and we looked at each other and we were like, "yeah we are."  and he was like ,"well you guys talked to me one time when we lived down on Tipton you should come and talk to my mom."  Or something to that effect.  So the next day we had a ten year old kid at church.  Haha, it was kind of random like I say.  But it was interesting.  Hopefully his mom will come next week.  If not we probably won't be able to have come again, ya know because church isn't a babysitting service. 
     So basically this last week was a lot of tracting and following up with people.  We don't want to let any of our progressing investigators fall through the cracks so we are doing what PMG says and keeping contact with them at least once a day, so they won't lose faith ya know?  Whether it's a phone call, or going and seeing them.  We have been tracting a lot at night recently which is pretty fun haha mostly because people don't want to stay outside for too long, so we get a lot of return visits.  People kind of get sketched out when we do that to, but we want to stay out til nine o clock like we are suppose to, so we do it.  But yeah,  Atlanta, is as small a town as ever.  Really the same same, you start to recognize people and faces, and recognize the people that were mean and slammed the door in our faces haha.  I think they feel like fools when they see us in public.  I would feel ashamed for being such a jerk haha.  But really the people are usually nice, they try to let you down...in a nice way haha.  Oh another cool thing, it is starting to cool down!  Woot woot!  I am glad for that!  It isn't by any means not hot, but it won't kill you anymore, thats for sure.
     Well, I love each and every single one of you!  Take care and don't forget that the gospel is true, I can see the effects of it in my life, and know that as we share the gospel with those around us, this church will grow.  It is the only true and living church on the earth.  I love you all.
Elder Dietz

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