"Things Going GREAT in Atlanta!"

So sorry Lacey is the only one that got a personal email today, sometimes that is just the way the ball bounces haha!  But things are going great here in Atlanta, no joke!  We have a ton of things going for us and we are hoping that we will have a couple baptisms here in the next tranfer hopefully :)  Wouldn't that be tight?  How was everyones 4th of July?  Clearfield fireworks with Aunt Deb this year again?  That is a tradition you know?  Haha  well I love you all and thanks for all your letters and stuff.  I hope that you all enjoyed chicken jane ha, or at least thats what it looked like you all ate the other day.  So yeah.  Things are going good!  Did you all see Toy Story 3 and Avatar The Last Airbender?  I was just wondering ha.  Take care everyone I love you all tons.
Elder T. Dietz
"Sincerely Water Chestnut the Third" hahaha

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