Happy Teaching & Testifying! The Work Rolls On!

Hey Family! 
How are you all doing?  I am doing good here in Atlanta and I believe that we will probably and most likely be baptizing this transfer!  I am so excited!  Things are going so well, and the heat is pretty much second nature now ya know?  You just get used to how to deal with it and such things.  I know that you are all having a rockin time in Utah, and swimming and what not.  Boy I wish swimming was allowed out here, but alas it is not.  Haha  but remember I love you all tons and keep you all in my prayers every day and night.  Do the same for me please :)  How was your talk mom?  Good I hope?  How is that baby? 
Anyways I  best be going.
Elder Taylor Dietz

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Anonymous said...

Hey taylor dude its been forever. I hope your having a great time there. I am going to write soon. Things have been so busy this summer, and with school starting and all lol. well ill talk to you soon.