Taylor is working hard in spite of the HEAT! He is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new nephew!

Hey so I am just doing a mass email today! :)
I just want to let you all know that I love you all so much.  It is a blessing to have a family that I am so close to and that loves me so much.  I can't believe that I am on a mission, sometimes it just hits me and I am like holy crap I'm on a mission haha.  But I know because of all your prayers and righteousness that I can do this.  I am so grateful for you all.  How is home doing?  Has Abby had her baby yet?  Let me know if you got my letters and what not.  Thanks for all the letters you all have been sending me.  Sorry if I don't write you back and I think I do or not, it is kind of hard to keep up but I am doing my best to do that and keep my mind in the work.  So I sent some pictures to all of you...if one of you doesn't get them I am sorry ha this computer is kind of sketchy haha.  But I think it should get to all of you, but maybe not Lacey...but remember that doesn't mean I don't love you less lil' sis'!  Are you all keeping safe?  All is going well here, we have just been tracting a lot trying to find good investigators.  It is tough and hot but we do what we do because we love to.  Anyways...I love you all, and maybe have Aunt Deb or someone write me a letter?...I haven't heard from them in a while.  I love you so so so so much!
Dad happy fathers day!  Sorry i couldn't call, I wanted to but couldn't.  Hey if Abby had her baby, someone should call my mission president so that he can call and tell me if all went well, and so I can know if she had the baby.  I love you.  Anyways I better go.

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