Rockin' Country Music in Texas, but the church is definitely still TRUE!

Hey everybody!
So things are going good here in Atlanta, Texas and just so you all know, I have seen the Mississippi River, on the way here.  It was quite exciting haha...not really but whatever.  It is nice, the truth is people are really nice until you start talking church with them, and then they say, "I'm a born again Christian!"  Or "I'm baptist!" haha It is actually pretty funny, but there are the few nice people that will still listen even if they are something else.
Ha funny story, we went to a Pentacostle church the other day, because a guy said he would go to our church if we went to his, so that was interesting, no tongues speaking which was upsetting, but a lot of rocking country music. Haha.  Um...so the other day, we went to see this guy named Cesil, and when we knocked on the door this kid and his sister answered and we asked for Cesil, and the sister said he wasn't there.  Then the little kid went inside and while we were walking away we heard him say "It's two white dudes!" haha it was so funny.  Did I mention the family was black?  Haha well they are.  Anyways, the weather is hot as always, and as far as I have heard it is only going to get worse.  I swear I am going to lose weight just by sweating haha.  But pretty much the work is going good here.  I love you all.  I can't wait to see pictures of my baby nephew soon.
Elder Taylor Dietz

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