Hey Everyone!

Hey everyone! 
     So everything is going good here, just classes like usually ha!  I fly out monday May 31st!  Can you believe that?  Ha I am so stoked.  Pretty much all we do here in the MTC is eat, study and go to classes, eat and on and on haha!  It is pretty crazy.  So...on Sunday we watched the testament!  Such a good movie, I forget how much I like it.  The best part is at the end where Christ is with the people in the Americas, and Jacob see's him and Christs smiles at Jacob.  It will be an awesome day when he comes back.  So...anyways...yeah thats pretty much it...the beds get more comfortable each day, but lets face it they still are pretty hard haha.  Well...I gotta go but I love all of you!  Take care!  
          Elder Taylor Dietz
                  1 Nephi 3:27

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