First Email!

May 17, 2010
Hey Everybody!
     So the MTC is pretty cool!  And they feed us a lot.  Basically the first two days were meetings, and then lots of classes saturday.  Then we had church on Sunday.  And guess what on sunday me and my companion Elder Nielson got called to be zone leaders haha.  Who woulda thought haha?  So, yeah sorry this is short but I don't have a lot of time after I leave the MTC there will be more time, and yeah...I will try to send pictures next week but I don't know exactly how that works here ha.  Um...lets see...thats about it for this week.  Preparation day rocks!  Take it easy. I love you all!
             Elder Taylor Dietz

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| abigail y anthony | said...

i love my brother! i am so proud of him!