Trading Cards for the Missionaries!

Hey Everyone! 
     How are you all doing?  Greenwood is treating us pretty well lately.  Today it is actually really soggy out there, but no matter, it is P-Day so we gotta stay in and do laundry and all that anyway.  Elder McMullin and I are doing just great.  It has been a little bit warmer lately.  Every now and then, we ride our bikes, but lately, with this inconsistent weather, we have been more in the car.  But just on Saturday, we spent the whole day on bikes and it was just awesome.  We got a lot of work done that day to.  As far as our personal well-being...just great, high spirits and we are trying to finish this last week of the transfer strong.  Last week was probably one of our best weeks that we have had.  We really got down into our groove with teaching this past transfer.  I think you just learn how to teach well with some one after you have spent over four months with them haha.  We hope for another transfer together, but we will not know for sure until Saturday what will really happen.  But if it is what the Lord wants we will do it.  That is key in the Lords kingdom, obedience. 
     This past week, something that was really awesome that happened.  We did some service for a family in the branch.  We painted their ceiling, and surprisingly it was pretty easy and we did it in good time.  We came out of it all speckled.  Luckily it was a planned service project and not just off the whim, and we were wearing our "service clothes", I guess you could say, and not proselyting clothes.  When we got done with the project, they fed us lunch.  When we were about to leave, they have a ton of cards, like sports cards and super hero cards and stuff like that.  And they gave us a ton of them.  Probably over 1000 cards!  Baseball, basketball, football, Garfield cards, Marvel cards, Bat Man cards, pretty much everything.  They got them, because they are cleaning out a warehouse for convenience stores that had shut down, and they found them, and were going through them and planning on selling them.  And so the gave us a bunch for helping them.  So don't be surprised when you get a huge box full of cards and stuff haha.  We figured we would keep them til P-Day and mess around with them for a bit and then send the rest home haha.  So yeah.  That's the craziest thing that happened this week.  If I could explain it better I would, but I don't know how haha.
     I hope you guys are all doing well.  I love you so much and I promise you that I know this gospel is true.  Next week is transfer week, so if I do have a chance to email it will be on Tuesday, okay?  Not Monday, so don't be surprised if that happens alright.  Again I love you all so much and I can't wait to hear from you all again soon.  This gospel is true, I have no doubt about that, it is making so many changes in peoples lives that we have been teaching and we cannot wait to see the fruits of our labors as many souls enter into the waters of baptism.  I know that God is our loving Father in Heaven and he cares so much about each and everyone of us that he sent his Only Begotten Son, to take upon himself the sins of the world.  And die for us on the cross, that he might rise again three days later, making it possible for all of us, not just some of us to one day rise again with perfect bodies.  I know that he cares for us, that he watches over the sick and afflicted, he will carry us, and push us through when we think that it is no longer possible.  Let us all return to him one day, with honor.  I know it is possible. "For with God nothing shall be impossible" (Luke 1:37).   And he sent his Son, Jesus Christ to make it possible. I love him.  And I know he loves me.  I leave this with you all, my dear family, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.
     Elder Dietz

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