General Conference in The Mission Field

Taylor was excited to be at the church watching General Conference.  He was so happy to have investigators at two of the sessions.  Way to spread the gospel and share the messages of Latter Day Prophets, Tay!

Here are some of Taylor's thoughts from the letters he sent us this week:
       "Remember that the church is true and I know this Church and the gospel it teaches is so important.
        If I could baptize everyone in the world without them having a choice I would, but that isn't Heavenly
        Father's Plan.  We have our choice to do what's right and/or choose wrong.  Choose right and be an
        example to the others in Israel."
       "My advice for bearing your testimony is to just say what you know is true.  A mission has helped
        me a lot, but if you speak your heart and speak what you know is true, the Spirit will testify to others
         for you.  Even if its a simple, 'I know God has called a prophet here to the Earth'."

We love our missionary.  He is such an example to all of us.  We pray for him always and are proud of the work he is doing.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like you have been doing great! I miss you tons! I hope you are having a great time over there. Things have been very busy around here with scott and family things and school. Well I will try to write soon. Sorry! Ive been extremely busy...
Well Ill talk or comments again later.
Peace out,
Alexus Anderson

Scott misses you!!!!