Pictures taken at the MTC

We were so excited to receive pictures of Elder Dietz's experience in the MTC.  We received these pictures one week before he left for Mississippi.

 Elder Dietz and his MTC companion, Elder Nielson

"Moccasin Monday"-Elder Dietz on P-Day

Elder Dietz doing his famous "thumbs up" with Elder Nielson

MTC Elders in District
Left to Right Elder Sommers, Elder Dietz, Elder Nielson, Elder Hansen, Elder O'Sick, and Elder Ensing

This is the whole MTC District 
Left to Right: Elder Sommers, Elder Ensing, Elder Hansen, Sister Freeman,  Sister
'Ete'Aki, Sister Moody, Sister LeBaron, Elder Nielson, Elder O'Sick,
and of course, Elder Dietz

MTC District.  Look at the only cute Elder closing
his eyes.  "Oh so bright outside"
Elder Dietz is so excited for "Moccasin Monday"- P-Day

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