After a week in the HEAT! Working Hard & Staying Motivated!

Hey Mom!   So I haven't got your letters back yet, but I am sure that I will be getting them today. The first week in the field has been pretty good.  It has been busy, we have found a couple promising investigators which is awesome.  One of them is a referral that we haven't met yet, but her name is Betty and she pretty much already knows everything, the big thing is she just needs to meet with us.  Yeah, this is definitely hard, but I am getting the hang of it.  I think I have kind of gotten my companion into tracting more, because in order for us to find people we need to be out there, even though he doesn't like to do it. How is being out of school?  I hope the yard work is going alright.  I was thinking when it gets cold again you should cover the sprinkler valves with insulation like we did before, so they don't break.  Yeah, it is definitely hot here, like way bad.  But you get used to it, like you just have to get used to having sweat on your body all the time ha.  Anyways that’s what’s going on. I love you. Love Taylor

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